Natural Skin Care Products for Cancer Patients

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Natural Skin Care Products for Cancer Patients

What happens when you “live healthy,” yet still receive a breast cancer diagnosis?

Well, the only thing I could think of when this happened to me was to find ways to “live healthier”. So, I began to research where and how cancer-causing toxins could be entering my life, and my body.

Besides all of the “normal” places, air pollution, chemicals in cleaning products, and non-pronounceable ingredients in the food at the grocery store, I was more than a little bit stunned to discover the astounding array of toxic chemicals in the skin care products I was using – along with millions of other women.

Was I naïve? I guess I was, but I also realized I’d let myself take for granted that the manufacturers of the products I used to keep my skin healthy were toxic. I mean, one would think that, in their own self-interest, these companies would develop and produce personal care products that were safe for women to use – right?

Well, I thought, if they weren’t going to do it for me then I, in MY self-interest, was going to do it for myself!


Thus, the idea behind Violets Are Blue natural skin care products began to manifest, as I sought to create skin care formulas for myself that were natural and safe for me to use. I created lotions, creams, and cleansers that were free of parabens, sulfates, and other chemicals that are so common in typical commercial skin care products, and that are also known to work as endocrine disruptors, which are linked to cancer and reproductive problems.

I created soap lip balm, facial scrubs, and masks that repaired sun-damaged, radiation-damaged, and chemotherapy-damaged skin, and enhanced the natural beauty of a woman’s skin, enabling women to look and feel lovely, without risking their health to do so.

While I would never wish for anyone to be forced to deal with such a devastating diagnosis, I will say that I was inspired by my successful treatment for breast cancer – I’m five years’ cancer-free this fall – to take the next step and bring these natural, organic skin care formulas to others, by creating a line of healthy personal care products to offer for sale.


These skin care products are particularly beneficial for women undergoing treatment for cancer, either radiation or chemo, since either or both will dramatically alter the look, feel, and health of your skin. Yes, most of us are never told of the potential damage to our epidermis that modern cancer treatments can cause so, here I am to tell you – there is a solution!

Violets Are Blue natural skin care products are formulated and produced using organic ingredients: oils, butters, and herbs that would best meet the needs of women undergoing treatment for cancer – and beyond.

For more information on the natural, organic skin care solutions we’ve developed for cancer patients and women looking for healthy solutions, visit the links below:

We are proud to be able to support women receiving treatment from the wonderful staff at Mount Sinai’s Dubin Breast Center in New York City, by providing each new patient with a Violets Are Blue Gift Set in their first day of treatment. We invite you to donate toward a package by clicking here.

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It is important for everyone to remain healthy and have clear and beautiful skin. Natural skin care products can suit anyone as they are free from harsh chemicals.

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