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Very good deodorant

I’ve been trying to find a good natural deodorant that has good ingredients and quality but that it doesn’t contain baking soda, and of course, it needs to get the job done and this one has all of that. I’m not the biggest fan of the texture but this is definitely my new deodorant. Do recommend, overall excellent product.

Amazing aroma

Love how my skin feels after using. And the aroma is heavenly


After using this mask, my skin felt incredibly smooth and refreshed. I love the consistency - like an acai smoothie - and it helped calm the redness in my face as well. It's the first time all winter that my complexion glowed! Definitely adding this into my skin care rotation.

Very good natural deo

Hard to apply

Decent enough for odor protection, super hard though to the point where I needed to scrape it off, rub it between my fingers then apply - who wants to do that? This makes it a total waste.

Magnesium Deodorant

60ml Facial Cleanser

Lovely scent
Non greasy!

Head to Toe Package
Lucina Paczuska
Mrs Lucina Paczuska

Hello Cynthia and VioletsAreBlue Team,
Greetings! I write to submit a first-among-peers accolade for your avant-garde cosmetics. My Family and I love your products for many a reason. First and foremost, they are all-natural and health-oriented, well-working, i.e. they quickly soak into the skin. Secondly, we especially appreciate biophotonic miron glass bottles into which you pour your fragrant oils. That is why, we were a bit disappointed to discover that your Ultra Violet Facial Serum, depicted in the set picture in a violet glass bottle, came in white glass bottle, although matt or frosted one. Probably, it makes no difference as to oxidation of the product - I am not an expert on that, so, I’d appreciate a piece of advice. But, I keep it in a light-blocking container anyway. And, not lastly at all, we convey to you many compliments on external esthetic of the website and your products. It is very beautiful, and the cause of your busyness a noble one. Many compliments, LMP

Perfect soap for sensitive skin

This is my favorite deodorant

Best deodorant ever

I have tried other natural deodorants and was very displeased because it did not take care of any scent, just tried to mask it. Not so with Violets are Blue Magnesium Deodorant! This one takes care of the scent all together and also works all day long. I even put it on at night, sometimes on other parts of my body too, and it works! I am so happy to have found Violets are Blue. They actually make something healthy to put on my body, instead of something filled with known carcinogens. Thank you Violets are Blue!

Best soap

I have super sensitive skin so this soap is perfect!

Gift of healing with integrity

It’s reassuring to find a product with such integrity, goodness and healing ingredients with well blended scents to use and give as gifts.
Violets are Blue takes good care of the body, puts mind at ease and uplifts the spirit.
Thank you for sharing your deep personal journey and meaningful and inspirational story behind it all.

Magnesium Deodorant
Amber Costley

Great product! Have been using since I was diagnosed in 2020 with breast cancer


This is addictive!! The most beautiful lip balm that works through all seasons!


GET THIS GLOVE IMMEDIATELY!!! I used this last night and after using my body lotion after, I couldn't stop touching my skin!!! It felt the softest it has felt in years. I have sensitive skin and this was not too harsh at all.

Great during my chemo treatments

chemo really dries out your skin this was the only lip balm that helped!

Eye-Luminate Gel/Cream
Mischelle Uhlman
Smooth Luminant eye cream

The Luminant gel eye cream is excellent. Goes on smoothly and gives my under eye area a smooth appearance.

BeLoved Facial Serum -- phenomenal product!

I love the BeLoved Facial Serum. I generally don't use on my face (although I do on occasion). Chemo completely destroyed my fingernails and cuticles. I apply a small amount of the BeLoved Facial Serum every night to my hands concentrating on my nails and cuticles. It is the only product I have used that actually helps.

Hydrating and Healing.

My skin is very dry from an auto immune condition. This body cream has made the biggest difference. I look forward to using it every evening.

Magnesium Deodorant
Steph Allen
Luxurious and Healing

I have very dry skin from an auto immune condition. The violets are blue body cream and lotion have sincerely made a difference on my skin. It also smells so wonderful. It’s become one of my favorite evening routines.

 My favorite moisturizer I use it for my sons eczema 

Best eye cream ever!

My daughter introduced me to this product as a gift and it is absolutely the best eye cream I have ever encountered! Gentle on my sensitive skin, moisturizing and removes puffiness. I’m hooked!

By Far My Favorite Face Lotion

I've been using Violets Are Blue Face and Body Lotion with Argan and Avocado Oil for the last 3 years. I use it primarily as a face lotion. I've never stayed with a face lotion this long and I don't think I'll be leaving anytime soon. I love how moisturized it leaves my skin and it seems to tighten it as well. It's hard to describe but I've never had such a great lotion.

Best Facial Serum Ever!!

The Beloved Facial Serum has transformed my skin. After long days in a mask as a provider my skin was looking terrible. Those days are long gone since using this serum. Love love!