Discover the Safer, Non-Toxic Deodorant Choice

Discover the Safer, Non-Toxic Deodorant Choice

Shall we discuss “BO”? You know, body odor. While not a particularly pleasant subject, it is one that is important enough to take a look at when considering which deodorant to buy – especially if you’re worried about adding toxins to your body or those of your family – as you should be.

First, let’s define our terms…

While the vast majority of folks will use the terms “antiperspirant” and “deodorant” as if they were interchangeable, they are actually completely different products. Your antiperspirant works by preventing perspiration (somewhat obviously, I guess), while your deodorant allows you to perspire, but prevents odor. They do this by killing the bacteria that causes “BO”. From a purely natural standpoint, it makes more sense to use deodorants, since this is a more natural process.

While you may not enjoy sweating much outside the gym, deodorants are a slightly safer alternative to antiperspirants and, with the increasing availability of natural and organic deodorants, both are becoming less toxic and safer.


Most of the common deodorants that are available at your grocery store contain aluminum and synthetic fragrances, potentially harmful components for people who are sensitive to them. If your underarms are irritated regularly, it may be an allergic reaction to the aluminum in your deodorant, which is toxic to your body.

Research has shown aluminum to be associated with a variety of health issues, including:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Bone Disorders
  • Kidney Problems

In fact, in an article at, “Studies are now showing that continuous exposure to toxic chemicals in personal hygiene products, such as antiperspirants, may be related to allergic reactions, Alzheimer’s, and even breast cancer in women.”

You see, because aluminum blocks the sweat ducts, it has become a common component in both antiperspirants and deodorants. But, as mentioned above, aluminum is toxic to your body – with one study showing “that cysts in the armpit area of the breast had 25 [times] more aluminum than the common amount found in blood.”

So much aluminum near the breasts can lead to an increases in benign lumps, which may be more likely to develop into breast cancer over the long term.

With this in mind, we have developed two aluminum-free deodorants for our

Signature Line of Products:

All Natural/Non-Aluminum Deodorant

Extra Strength Sport Deodorant with Baking soda and Kanolin Clay

Click on these links for details about these non-aluminum deodorants.

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