Don't be Taken by the Pink Movement

Don't be Taken by the Pink Movement

October is the month for what I refer to as “Pink Washing.” This is the annual campaign that coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when so many organizations try to polish their image before the public by putting their concern on display for all to see.

So, since The Pink Washing of October is upon us, I would like to take this time to get on my soap box, just this once.

I ask you to please, Please, PLEASE think before you Pink this month!

Many of the companies that are shoving pink down your throat this month will not be giving ANYTHING to breast cancer charities. Heck, some of them will try to sell you a pink garbage can for Breast Cancer “Awareness.”

Well I, for one, was very aware of this disease when I was diagnosed.

Platitudes and promises mean nothing to a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Awareness is NOT Enough!

Believe me, platitudes and promises mean nothing to a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

What women who are battling Breast Cancer really need, particularly those who are stage IV, are RESEARCH and TREATMENT options for this deadly disease that will kill more than 40,000 women this year.

PLEASE also be aware, the big cancer corporations also give minimal amounts to research. For example, the Komen organization pays their upper level executives hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. As a result, barely anything has been done through them that has changed the face of Breast Cancer. The same is true for many of the other large Cancer Corps.

PLEASE make your donations to local Breast Cancer charities that actually provide care, relief, and goods or services to BC patients. Or, donate to your local hospital.

Consider donating to groups that provide wigs, rides for women needing treatment, anything that makes her journey a little easier.

Speaking with many women who have lost both breasts, or are terminal, or both, they find the boob cupcakes, the wet t-shirt contests, the pink lighter, etc. quite offensive, especially when the money goes nowhere other than the company’s pockets.

I too get more than a little irked when I go to pay at check-out for my groceries and am asked “Do you want to add $2 for breast cancer awareness?” I want to say, “No thanks, I am quite aware thank you. Would you like to see my scars?”

Okay. I will get off my soap box now. Thank you for reading and please – donate wisely.

Consider donating to our BeLoved Package Donations for breast cancer patients, if you want to know where your money is going.

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