A message from Violets Are Blue founder Cynthia Besteman

A message from Violets Are Blue founder Cynthia Besteman

It's October and the pink ribbons are everywhere... which means it's time for my annual soapbox rant.

Please, if you purchase something pink this month, please know that the money you think is going to research is likely going nowhere (besides lining the pockets of brands and corporations).

Awareness is everywhere these days. We all know someone who has gone through breast cancer. Heck, you all know me and therefore know about my journey.  You know that anyone, at any age, can be diagnosed.  Awareness is not enough. 

What we actually need is funding for a cure for our Stage IV sisters. What those women go through is not pink and cuddly.   It is scary as hell.  It is exhausting and it is never ending. These women will never be disease-free.  There is no cure. Early stagers like myself have no guarantee that we will not join them one day.

I know everyone participates out of love, out of wanting to help. Instead of buying pink this month, please consider helping local breast centers by donating your time with cold caps, or help your friend with grocery shopping, picking up kids, cleaning, or giving money to Breast Centers for imaging funds and education. 

Need somewhere to start?  Consider supporting organizations such as:

And if you are looking to buy something pink because you love the color, no shame...  Just please make that purchase in November.  

xxx Cynthia

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