3 Tips for Making Better Consumer Choices During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

3 Tips for Making Better Consumer Choices During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink washing is the pits.

We've said it before... and we'll keep saying it.  Pink washing is the pits.  You likely won't be able to enter a store this month without seeing specially branded pink products or displays, claiming to raise awareness for breast cancer and/or raise funds for research.  These funds are nearly impossible to track, and awareness does not equate to a cure, something we so desperately need.  All too often, pink products are simply a commodification of breast cancer-- a way to profit from the disease.  And we're sick of it.

Wondering what you can do about it?  We'd love your help in this fight.  For starters, please don't buy pink or breast cancer awareness branded products this month.  Voting with your wallet is both powerful and important.  Secondly, hold your favorite brands and stores accountable!  Ask for proof of previous years' donations.  Ask where funds are being donated, and how they will be used.  Trust your instincts and share what you've learned.  Remember earlier this month when we said you could be your own hero? ;) And thirdly, elevate brands that are truly committed to finding a cure, supporting the breast cancer community, and being transparent about it.

As you likely know by now, proceeds from each of your purchases goes to donations of safe skincare for women entering treatment at the Dubin Breast Cancer Center at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, where Violets Are Blue is based.  We are so grateful to you for making this possible. 

Want to learn more about pink washing?  This interview with Gayle Sulik, a medical sociologist with the University at Albany and author of Pink Ribbon Blues, is worth a read.

P.S. Speaking of pits... 

Now is a great time to make the switch to natural deodorant! 



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