Our Magnesium Deodorant is finally here!

Our Magnesium Deodorant is finally here!

Two and a half years in the making, Violets Are Blue Natural Deodorant with Magnesium is finally here… and we know you and your skin will love it. This beautiful, made by hand deodorant has been a true labor of love for our founder, Cynthia Besteman, who has worked night and day to ensure the formulation was just perfect to stick with you while you take on life’s challenges.

Our new deodorant is unscented and free of essential oils, baking soda, arrowroot powder – and of course, aluminum.  As a breast cancer survivor, Cynthia knows just how important bringing our community a safe, but effective, deodorant is. 

New to natural deodorant?

We are so glad you are making the switch with us.  Unlike when using traditional products that halt your body’s natural and normal process of sweating, you will sweat when making the switch to natural deodorants.  But that’s a good thing! It may take a little getting used to, but you won’t have to worry about, well, smelling in the process.

Our natural deodorant is sports-strong, and can handle board meetings, doctor’s visits, and hosting for the holidays.  It glides on clear, dries in no time, and will fight as hard as you do.

Why magnesium?

Magnesium is the base and a key ingredient in the new Violets Are Blue natural deodorant.  Magnesium is more easily absorbed through the skin than when taken as an oral supplement, and boasts such potential benefits as alleviating migraines, soothing muscle aches and menstrual pain, balancing hormones and pH levels (hence its power in fighting odor!). 

Order today: Violets Are Blue Natural Deodorant with Magnesium

3.2 oz, $25

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