Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Sources That Pass the Sniff Test (and some fun ladies to follow!)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Sources That Pass the Sniff Test (and some fun ladies to follow!)

We mentioned last week, amidst all the armpit talk, that Breast Cancer Awareness Month is so much more than pink ribbons.  As many of you can attest, a breast cancer diagnosis is life altering, whether it's you or a loved one-- the world stops spinning, the air leaves our lungs, and the fear settles in.  But the more we learn, the more we know, the more we connect -- the sooner that fear dissipates.  And that's why we truly believe that knowledge is power.

This week, we are sharing Sources That Pass the Sniff Test (Get it? Yes, we're briefly back to armpits).  Because along with the pink ribbons and pink washing (something we'll talk more about next week), all of the information circulating this month can be confusing and overwhelming.  And it doesn't need to be.  In addition to working closely with your (or a loved one's) care team, we encourage you to spend time learning from trusted sources.

Here are a few Sources That Pass the Sniff Test:

We also believe it's important to hear from real people -- women you can relate to, learn from, and connect with!  A few of our favorites who are both trustworthy sources and really fun to follow on Instagram:

Speaking of real people, we would also love to have you join us for Wellness & Wisdom: Living Beyond Breast Cancer's virtual conference, October 24-25 for a fun, interactive, and informative keynote hosted by our founder, Cynthia Besteman, and SaltyGirl Beauty founders Sarah Kelly and Leah Robert.

Your assignments this week: Give your social media accounts a check-up!  Are you following people that make you feel great?  Are you following trusted, reliable news sources? Feel free to share your favorite follows in the comments!

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