Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pamper Your Pits, Protect Your Health

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pamper Your Pits, Protect Your Health
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and, as you know, our brand founder, Cynthia, is a breast cancer survivor.  So much of the work we do is tied to the breast cancer community.  It is so much more than pink ribbons. 
We want to spend this month focusing on what matters most  - and that's each of you, your health, your wellbeing... and yes, your armpits Stay with us.  Throughout the month, we want to share tangible ways you can take care of yourself, stay informed on issues like pink washing, support and connect the breast cancer community, and have a few laughs along the way.

So, we are starting with your armpits, specifically what you put on them.  After months and months indoors and isolated, you may be feeling tempted to smell like Teen Spirit for a socially distant walk with a friend.  But we beg you to put down your conventional anti-perspirants and make the switch to natural deodorant. 

While research is still relatively new, a recent study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Informations suggests that frequent use of antiperspirants can result in aluminum accumulation in breast tissue.  Coupled with parabens, which are absorbed through skin and function as estrogen in the body, there is a possibility that conventional deodorants could increase your risk for breast cancer.  We play by the "better to be safe than sorry" rule, and we hope you will too. 

So before you re-enter the real world, we encourage you to take a couple weeks and make the transition to natural deodorant.  You'll be protecting your health, but also pampering your pits!  Really!  Our magnesium deodorant is extremely gentle (it is free of all the nasty ingredients, as well as possible irritants such as arrowroot powder, baking soda, and essential oils) and effective.  Our magnesium base glides on clear, dries quickly, and is strong enough to withstands workouts and watching presidential debates (maybe... don't quote us on that last one), while boasting such potential benefits as alleviating migraines, soothing muscle aches and menstrual pain, balancing hormones and pH levels (ideal for odor protection).

Your first assignments for this month: Pamper those pits, and protect your health.  You deserve nothing but the best (repeat that last part in the mirror until you believe it)!  And be sure to tag us in your Instagram photos (@violetsareblueskincare) -- we want to see and share your beautiful faces as we spend this month building community together!

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