Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pink Washing is The Pits!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pink Washing is The Pits!

A heartfelt note from our founder and Breast Cancer survivor, Cynthia Besteman:

Since The Pink Washing of October is upon us, I would like to take this time to get on my once-a-year soap box. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, think before you pink. With so many companies engaging in pink washing and promoting all kinds of products with pink ribbons-- from socks to spatulas, we all need to pay careful attention to where our money is actually going. This is true for brands big and small, as well as cancer corporations.
While raising awareness is both good and important, making people aware does not equate to donating for research. In fact, companies do not need to donate a single penny if their sole mission is to bring awareness. Well I, for one, was very aware of this disease when I was diagnosed.
What women who are battling Breast Cancer, particularly those who are stage IV, need are RESEARCH and TREATMENT options. Please also be aware, the big cancer corps also give minimal amounts to research. They have done very little to change the face of Breast Cancer.
PLEASE make your donations to local Breast Cancer charities that provide care, relief, and support to Breast Cancer patients, or donate to your local hospital. Donate to groups that provide wigs, rides for women needing treatment, anything that makes her journey a little easier. If you're looking for a great options, we've included several in our most recent blog post.
Speaking with many women who have lost both breasts, or are terminal, or both, find the boob cupcakes, the wet t-shirt contests, the pink lighters, etc quite offensive-- especially when the money raised does nothing but pad the profits of these companies. I for one get a little irked when I go to pay at check out for my groceries and am asked, "Do you want to add $2 for Breast Cancer awareness?" "No thanks, I am quite aware thank you, would you like to see my scars?" Okay. I will get off my soap box now, thank you for listening and please, donate wisely.
Speaking of donating, as always, your Violets Are Blue Skincare purchases directly help women in treatment for Breast Cancer. We are proud to be able to donate our safe, luxury skincare from our BeLoved Line to women in treatment -- and we are grateful to you for making this possible.

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