ULTRA VIOLET Facial Serum with Carrot and Rosehip Seed Oils

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Our serum is perfect for tired, dry, and/or mature skin or any skin that needs a little love.  We've crafted the perfect blend of organic Evening Primrose oil, organic Argan oil, organic Rosehip oil, organic Jojoba, and a handful of organic essential oils such as Carrot Seed and Lavender in this easily absorbed serum

Massage in just a few drops to hydrate the entire face, jawline and neck. Apply foundation directly over it for a healthy glow. Use after our Facial Cleanser for best results. May be used morning and evening

Bonus tip: After applying, I like to run my hands through my hair with any excess serum. It combats flyaways and split ends!


*Evening Primose

*Rosehip Seed Oil


*Argan Oil:

*Carrot Seed Oil: 

*Essential Lavender Oil


Massage 2-3 drops onto face and neck area in a circular motion. For best results, use after our White Tea Facial Cleanser. May be used morning and evening. Any excess will benefit hair and cuticles. 

Customer Reviews

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What my skin has been missing!

My skin is very sensitive and my rosacea will flare up with many products. This serum is amazing and a little goes a long way! I apply every night and morning after I tone and before I apply my moisturizer.

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I bought the VAB serum as a gift for a friend of mine - I love sharing my favorite products. She was so happy and loved it. I told her all the ways you can use it; a serum, addition to a moisturizer for added “glow”, or as a moisturizer in itself. The smell is soothing and relaxing. What more can anyone ask for? I will keep sharing, but it will no longer be my “secret”!


i found this after going thru chemo for breast cancer. I use it nightly! My skin has never felt so smooth!

Ultra Violet Face Serum

I really like this product. Makes my skin feel much less dry.

Nourishing and exceptional!

This is an exceptional hydrating oil that helps even my skin tone. I’d say this is my fourth bottle and I’ve purchased it for my mother in law for the second time. Plus, the founder is a literal ANGEL on this dang earth!!! This is a brand that truly does good for the skincare world. Effective products and an amazing company 🙌

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