Violets Are Blue was created from a personal need for skincare that is natural and safe for the body as well as the environment.

In 2011 Violets’ founder, Cynthia Besteman, received a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. She believed she had led a healthful life, so she sought the truth about toxins in our environment. After learning about the way our bodies can manifest problems as a result of our lifestyles and the products we use, Cynthia cleared her household of any possible pollutants and switched to a purely organic lifestyle. She was shocked by the mislabeling of skincare and beauty products that were classified as “organic” or “natural,” as they typically contained parabens, sulfates, and other chemicals known to work as endocrine disruptors linked to cancer and reproductive concerns.

After undergoing treatment, Cynthia drew upon her newfound love of crafting skincare products for herself, her family, and friends to establish Violets Are Blue in 2013. She used her knowledge and passion for naturally-derived skincare ingredients to formulate a consciously-produced line of products, each one a labor of love. Violets Are Blue operates under the philosophy that skincare does not have to be complicated; in fact, keeping it simple is best.

Our Promise

Carefully Formulated

Every product is carefully handcrafted and hand-filled in small batches.

Safely Tested

We only test on ourselves, and do not source our ingredients from any company that tests on animals.

Always Natural

We do not use parabens, sulfates, alcohol, synthetic fragrance or any other non-natural ingredient. Our t-shirts are 100% organic cotton.


After considerable exploration into packaging options, Violets Are Blue discovered Miron Violet glass. In addition to the highly suitable name, the research supporting the effectiveness of this beautiful glass in blocking visible light spectrum rays made it an indisputable choice.

Ancient Egyptians used violet glass alchemically to preserve substances and prevent them from spoiling and losing their potency. This type of glass only allows violet, ultraviolet, and infrared light to pass, while blocking the complete visible light spectrum to help maintain the integrity of the bottle’s contents. The visible light spectrum is crucial for growing plants, yet works to decompose matured plant matter, thereby compromising molecular stability and accelerating cellular decay. This is bad news for tinctures and blends that use essential oils and herbal extracts, as their efficacy downgrades substantially when exposed to sunlight.

Miron Violet glass blocks this spectrum of damaging light, inhibiting the decomposition process. Violets Are Blue is following the tried and true practices of Ancient Egyptians to ensure that our products retain their high quality well after purchase. Furthermore, the recyclable, alluring bottles may be reused.


Women with cancer are generally not told as they begin chemotherapy or radiation that their skin will change dramatically. They have enough issues to deal with without learning that their skin may crack and peel, their lips may be constantly chapped and they may not be able to tolerate the aroma of their usual lotions. To respond to these dramatic changes, I searched out oils, butters, and herbs that would best meet their needs.

Violets Are Blue’s BeLoved skincare line is made up of unscented, natural products designed to alleviate these skin issues. They can be purchased individually or in a gift set, and arrive packaged in eco-friendly materials.

To brighten the day for women as they begin their first chemotherapy treatment at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital, Violets Are Blue donates a gift package of our BELOVED products to each woman. We invite you to donate toward these gifts, or to purchase a package for someone you love.

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