• Facial Package

Facial Package


Home spa day!!! This wonderful package is all you need to get your face feeling fantastic and your mind relaxed! It also is a great introduction into the full line. You'll be covered from start to finish with these clean products, without losing the luxury you are accustomed to!

The set includes our White Tea Face Wash, Carrot Seed Serum, Oatmeal Facial Scrub, and Lip Balm.

100ml White Tea Face Wash; (leaves skin smooth, not stripped of it's natural moisture)

30ml Carrot Seed Serum; Our top seller! A stunning mix of anti aging oils to help lock in your skin's moisture, helps with collagen building and fine lines)

50ml Oatmeal Facial Scrub; An amazing mix of exfoliants and oils. Soft on your skin, yet incredibly effective in sloughing off dead skin cells)

Lip Balm; A customer favorite! Castor oil is our "secret" ingredient. Mixed with Jojoba, which absorbs quickly, you have long lasting protective balm that leaves a little sheen on your lips. Great over your favorite lip color or as a stand alone gloss. A hint of essential lavender is also quite calming!


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