Self-Gifting During the Holidays (read full story and find out how to win a $500 gift bag!)

Self-Gifting During the Holidays (read full story and find out how to win a $500 gift bag!)
Self-Gifting During the Holidays

Are you on your own holiday shopping list? If not, it’s time to find out why you should make self-gifting a seasonal ritual.

Yes, the holidays are notoriously the season of giving. That doesn’t mean you can’t give to yourself! As a matter of fact, it’s not only fun to treat yourself, but is actually good for you.

If the thought of buying for yourself this time of year makes you feel guilty or self-indulgent, the annual Deloitte holiday survey shows that fifty percent of shoppers will shop for themselves while shopping for others. And they are definitely on to something.

Self-gifting is a form of self-love, rewards your efforts, and even makes you a better gift giver. It’s also a great way to get in on good deals that you see while out shopping and ensures you will get something you totally love for the holidays. Plus, self-gifting doesn’t have to be expensive. The average consumer spends around $141 on themselves during the holiday season. Budget in a bit for self-gifting so you can feel good about your delights and won’t have to battle shopper’s guilt.

Need more inspo? Here’s why you should definitely gift yourself during the holidays.

6 Reasons Self-Gifting Is Good for You

1. Be a Better Gift Giver: Some on your list are easy to shop for. Others, not so much. Do you know who is the easiest of all? You! Treating yourself to small indulgences throughout the season feels good. And when you feel good, you share the love. Kick the shopping season off by self-gifting yourself to get in the spirit of giving.

2. Lighten Your Load: Joyous and festive? Sure. But sometimes holiday shopping can feel like a chore, especially if you are the sole shopper in your household. Give yourself something to look forward to by purchasing that little item you’ve had your eye on or buying yourself a nice lunch while out hunting down holiday gifts.

3. Physical, Experiential, or Both: Self-gifting isn’t only about physical items. You can indulge in your favorite cup of coffee or those delicious rolls from the corner bakery. Maybe you take yourself to a movie for a shopping break, or stop in and get a
pedicure. A bit of self pampering makes a huge difference in how you feel. And to soothe those tired tootsies post-shopping, have a tin of our Beloved Foot Salve on hand. They make great stocking stuffers too.

4. One for You, One for Me: Otherwise known as the group gift. Buy special gifts for your friends or family, and include one for yourself. Purchase tickets to an event, create a book of photos, or stock up on healthy face masks for a green girls’ night in. This type of shared giving creates an experience all its own.

5. Feel the Self Love: Women tend to put themselves last on the priority list in general, and it tends to ramp up during the holidays. This is the season of giving, but that doesn’t mean you have to reach the end of the holidays totally depleted. Make time for regular self love rituals so you not only feel your best, but are there (in mind and spirit, as well as body) for those you love.

6. Look as Good as You Feel:
The holidays are loads of fun, but all of those parties, boozy get-togethers, and scrumptious cookie trays take a toll on your skin. Remember to cleanse and moisturize twice daily (even after late night festivities) to keep skin from looking dull, tired, and sallow. Our healthy Facial Serum, made with carefully selected natural oils to boost a feeling of nourishing hydration, is your skin’s bestie and creates an appearance of natural glow.

“It’s better to give than to receive,” so the saying goes. This season, try giving to yourself for an all new experience that carries you through the holidays with a feeling of vitality, good health, and a joyous heart.

Gift Yourself Love

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