Ingredient Spotlight: Tamanu Oil

Ingredient Spotlight: Tamanu Oil

Have you heard the buzz about Tamanu Oil? Fans of our Visible Light Brightening and Repair Serum know it packs a punch against scarring, inflammation, redness, hyperpigmentation and dark spots... but what's the deal?

tamanu oil violets are blue visible light

With incredible healing and regenerative properties, tamanu oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflamatory properties and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

It is carefully extracted from the seeds of the tamanu nut tree, a tropical evergreen found in 38 countries stretching from East Africa to South East Asia, Oceana, and the South Pacific. Numerous studies have shown tamanu oil to have wound-healing and skin regeneration properties, and has been shown to promote cell proliferation and the production of both collagen and glycosaminogycan. These properties aid tremendously in healing scars and brightening and balancing skin tone. (Source)

Reap the benefits of tamanu oil with our Visible Light Brightening and Repair Serum!

  • Rich in fatty acids to keep your skin moisturized
  • Promotes collagen and GAG production to aid in skin regeneration
  • Reduces skin inflammation and redness
  • Reduces scarring and accelerates healing (source)
  • Antioxidant-rich and fights damage from free radicals

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