• Whoopsie Foot Salve

Whoopsie Foot Salve


So I had an idea to make our foot salve vegan (great!) and change out beeswax with candelilla wax (yay!). I was so confident in the change I went ahead and did 500 of them! (boo) While the formula is amazing and works like a charm! The softness of the wax didn't allow for a full top pour and makes the product look not as beautiful as I would like. So. Now I am left with 500 wonderul, VEGAN foot salves that will not look good on the shelf. What to do? Give them to you at a HUGE discount! $6 a pop! that is over 50% off our regular salves. No fancy packaging, just a plain silver tin (which makes it more "fancy") Picture shows label but none will be put on the tin.

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